Social media has now become a new online job portal for recruiters to search and contact potential candidates and job seekers to find a desired job. Social media provides a common platform to recruiters as they easily search and screen relevant profiles and also to job seekers as they demonstrate their skills, values, and professionalism. In this competitive world it has become necessary for every job seeker to get hands on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs strategically. Lets us see how this robust online platform helps you find a desired job.

Market Your Brand—Unique Selling Skill

Personal branding is an ongoing process of marketing yourselfto others in rich, interactive ways.  A coherent, explicit understanding of your career goals as well as your strengths, passions, and specialties are the best tools to develop your personal brand. To market your skills, you need to focus on what makes you unique. While creating your profile on these social websites always remember that your branding efforts must work together as a cohesive and coherent ‘ad campaign’ that highlights why you are the key candidate.

Update Your Traditional Job Search Documents

Before you select the upload button to upload your resume on the social website take time to review it. Assure that cover letter and business card should match your unique selling skill. The content layout, font, and keywords must match your expertise. In addition to your skills, list blog write-ups, website, Twitter handles and LinkedIn URLs on your profile, as these help the recruiters to differentiate you from the flock. However, it is good to consider once before adding these URLs as they could hamper your profile too.

Promote Your Brand Using Social Media

Social media widely expands your potential network. It allows you to connect with your friends and family and then further connect to their connections. Thus, helps you to build a strong network. You can see who they are, where they work and how you know them. Social media also allows you to make more personal connection with a potential employer who may not recruit on campus or be near your current location. However, following such employers on social media and interacting with them provides you an opportunity to grab their attention and showcase your professional skills.

Maintain Your Network

It’s important to maintain your network and be in touch with your connections even after you have secured a job. This helps you to stay updated on the developments happening in the market and also get in touch with your previous employers for any professional help. It also allows other job seekers to find a better opportunity in your previous organization. Maintaining your network also saves time as you don’t have to re-build your network from scratch every time you decide you want to move to a new position.

Thus, we see that social media has open doors for all to expand their network and earn a good living and a better life.