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Course Overview:

Connecting with your customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting relationship with your brand – organization. It is imperative to go beyond simply delivering your product / service and develop strong bonds with your customers, providing a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating your customers’ expectations and exceeding them, every time.

It costs five times as much to win a new customer than to keep a currently one. Excellence in Customer Service is an attitude engrained in every department and it begins and ends with all the people at all levels.

Uncover the secrets and strategies of building a business based on improving and gaining outstanding levels of customer service and satisfaction. The program includes understanding what customer satisfaction is all about, How to build up trust and effortless rapport with your customers and get a ‘win-win’ outcome with your customers. Identify the needs and requirements of your customers. Understand internal and external customer stress. Develop techniques and strategies to handle complaints effectively. How to use techniques to re-focus irrational conflict behavior.



Medium of Instruction:



2 Days: 16 hours

Course Content:

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Programme Methodology:

The training method used will be interactive sessions, case studies, role plays, group work in conjunction with multimedia slide presentations and videos where ever necessary.

Before the course:

Each participant has to fill in a pre training need form to ascertain their expectations that can be catered to by the facilitator.

At the end of the course:

Each participant has to submit a Post Training Action plan for implementation and to ascertain the ROI by the company, if nominated or a personal reference if it’s a voluntary nomination.

Participant Feedback’s:

Training materials are available everywhere, books cover every subject you can imagine in all aspects of life are a step away in the libraries. But what make the training or a trainer unique is how he delivers, the knowledge to effect and inspire trainees that’s what I believe Solomon delivers.
Mohammed Balkhsal / Region Personnel Manager,, Almarai, KSA (FMCG)
Solomon is good at what he does. Having been in one of his Management Development Programme. I can very well recommend him for what he does, to have it done the best possible way. Thank you Solomon; I enjoyed my time and gained considerable insight in the field of management at the programme.
Roshan Jeyanayagam / IT Manager, SOCAT,Sultanate of Oman (Hospitality)

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