Competencies is a basic foundation to ensure that the job and the job holder are effective in producing the desired results. This training program helps in understanding all aspects of competency that supports a broad frame work of human capital development and output.

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Learning Objectives:

When you have completed this training program you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Competency and you will be able to:

  •    Understand Competency as a business driver.
  •    Identify the key components of a competency.
  •    Understand the nature of the various learning styles and competency development
  •    Identify and remove obstacles to developing competencies.
  •    Develop a competency-based approach that will benefit the organization.
  •    Use the knowledge gained to further improve your own developmental activity.

Designed for:

Our target audience are executives who need to use and/or understand competency and its framework to enhance human resource development in an organization.

Medium of Instruction:



2 Days: 16 hours



Course Content:

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Programme Methodology:

The training method used will be interactive sessions, case studies, role plays, group work in conjunction with multimedia slide presentations and videos where ever necessary.

Before the course:

Each participant has to fill in a pre training need form to ascertain their expectations that can be catered to by the facilitator.

At the end of the course:

Each participant has to submit a Post Training Action plan for implementation and to ascertain the ROI by the company, if nominated or a personal reference if it’s a voluntary nomination.

Participant Feedback’s:

Training materials are available everywhere, books cover every subject you can imagine in all aspects of life are a step away in the libraries. But what make the training or a trainer unique is how he delivers, the knowledge to effect and inspire trainees that’s what I believe Solomon delivers.
Mohammed Balkhsal / Region Personnel Manager, Almarai, KSA (FMCG)
Solomon is good at what he does. Having been in one of his Management Development Programme. I can very well recommend him for what he does, to have it done the best possible way. Thank you Solomon; I enjoyed my time and gained considerable insight in the field of management at the programme.
Roshan Jeyanayagam / IT Manager, SOCAT,Sultanate of Oman (Hospitality)

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