Although it seems simple, having the right people in the organization is the most difficult task for Human resource and management professionals. Recruitment specialists and researchers have developed structured tools for recruitment and selection. HR professionals are playing important role of Business Partners. Yet we witness organizations struggling with new recruits and some being fired within few month of joining new organization or worst case scenario wrong people staying and leading organizations to dead ends.

So why these recruitment approaches fail? One of the reason for a failing recruitment process is either organizations do not have an effective selection methods or the techniques do not align to the business needs of the organization. The second reason may be that the recruitment process is focused on meeting short term business goals and no alternative ways to measure the long term positive impact of an individual. Example: Lot of organizations prefer certification and degrees for certain jobs however people only retain what they practice so experience gets importance than certifications. For the latter instance organization only hire people who showcase figures or business benefits and companies tend to make a bad hiring decision leading to tangible and intangible loss to the firm.

The ideal way of improving recruitment and selection process is to ensure the meet the organizational needs considering both the market dynamics and the cultural context not forgetting the competency that each job requires. The recruitment process should be tweaked as and when need because these tools are meant to measure human behaviors in the context to environment and this phenomena is not constant.

So we at Solomon People Solutions enable organization in identifying the right recruitment process that aligns to the business needs, cultural and environmental factors that affect the business. Our recruitment process development is a blended approach of culture, market dynamics, industry, business needs and the competency framework.